Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a cell phone for my Liberty to work?

No! The Liberty mobile alert devices are 100% mobile and do not require the veteran to have a cellular plan. It has its own cellular technology included. You will not need a cell plan, Wi-Fi or a landline to make an emergency call.

Who does the device call?

The device calls our award winning monitoring center where our trained and friendly professionals are able to respond by contacting your provided emergency contacts or dispatch emergency services, whichever is needed.

Is there two-way voice in the device?
Yes! The device has two-way voice calling capabilities. Our Liberty devices are offered with either the Verizon and AT&T mobile networks. 
Is Liberty Mobile Medical Alert Service free for veterans? Do I have to pay for this device?
The VA provides the Liberty Medical Alert at no cost to Veterans. We will never charge the veteran for the device or a monthly service fee. Be aware of any company that calls to say a veteran needs to start paying for their Liberty or a different medical alert.
Is fall detection available?

Yes! We offer two Liberty devices with Fall Detection. These devices are: “Liberty with Fall Detection & Liberty Wrist with Fall Detection”

What if my Liberty has a low or no cell signal?

We offer Liberty mobile alerts with either the AT&T or Verizon cellular coverage. If either carrier has low coverage for your area, we will swap out your Liberty for the other carrier, at no charge

What types of medical alert devices does Honor Alert offer for Veterans?
We offer three unique Liberty medical alert devices. Please Click on each Liberty named device here for information: Liberty, Liberty with Fall Detection, and Liberty Wrist 
How long does my Liberty device battery last?
Our Liberty devices offer best-in-class rechargeable batteries and battery life. Our standard Liberty battery last up to 30 days. The Liberty with Fall Detection battery will last up to 16 days (7 days if you have the caregiver app enabled).  The Liberty Wrist battery will last up to 7 days.  We also offer battery charging reminder text and call notifications.  
Is my Liberty device water-resistant?

Yes, the device is rated IP67 water resistant and can be worn in the shower. It is recommended that you do not submerge your Liberty under water.

How can I ask my VA for a new or different Liberty device?

Please call (888) 581-4440 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

Does Honor Alert offer employee safety solutions?

Yes, please visit our workforce safety section to find out more about our Worker Safety Pro services that will protect government and care workers.

What if my Liberty or its accessories breaks, becomes lost or stops working?

Please call us at 888-581-4440 or email

How can I make sure my Liberty device is working?

Press your alert button once a week to test the device (See Testing instructions) Video (See Reference User Guide)

How can I replace my broken lanyard after receiving a replacement?
Can I add fall detection to my current Liberty device?

This depends on the device. Please call (888) 581-4440 to speak to one of our friendly representatives

How do I test fall my Liberty device's fall detection?
Does my Liberty work at home and away from home?

Its good in the US, our devices go off either Verizon or AT&T so it will work with in the US based off the coverage you have with your device.

Why does my Liberty call button flash a blue light?
The Liberty device call button will flash once or twice intermittently, to let you know the device is acive and working correctly. There is nothing you need to do, the blue light will go off automatically.
Can I order a device for my family member/friend?

Please contact customer support at 888-581-4440

What phone number will show up when Honor Alert calls my emergency contacts?
Calls from our monitoring support team will come from: 801-781-6173 or 801-781-6061. We recommend you and your emergency contact save these numbers in your phone as Honor Alert
How long will it take to receive my device?
3-5 business days
What shipping carriers does Honor Alert use?
The Honor Alert Team uses USPS.
How do I use my Liberty device?

Simply press and hold the call button for a couple of seconds. You will hear our AI automated voice ask “do you need help?”. If you are just testing, you can say “just testing”. If you need assistance, say “yes”, you will then be connected to one of our Live operators. They will speak with you to learn if you need help from your emergency contacts or 911. They will send the appropriate help and ensure you received the help you need. If you cannot speak, they will dispatch 911 immediately. They will notify your emergency contacts when help has been sent.

What should I do if I lose or break my Liberty device?
Please contact your VA clinician to inform them that your Liberty alert has become lost or broken
If the veteran customer passes away or no longer needs the Liberty service, can it be transferred to someone else?

No, the Liberty service is not transferrable. Please contact Honor Alert to discuss options for family members and friends of veterans interested in the service

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