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Workforce Safety Solutions for Veteran Affairs

Safety Solutions That Work 

Effective and affordable safety solutions for your workforce 

GSA Contract Approved

Protecting Workers Wherever They Are

Did you know that 44% of lone workers do not feel safe at work and 62% of social workers and home healthcare workers experienced psychological or physical aggression in the past year?

Ensure your employees are not a statistic. Our comprehensive safety solutions are designed for lone workers who may visit potentially aggressive patients in dangerous situations. Your lone workers will be better able to support and provide care to veterans knowing that help is readily available.

    How Can The Liberty Service Protect Your Workforce

    Monitor Worker Safety

    Monitor the safety of your whole team in our Safety Dashboard. 


    Respond Effectively

    With advance location services, emergency response will be accurate and efficient.

    Protect Employees Everywhere

    We offer solutions that work with or without reliable cell coverage.

    Privacy First

    Location information is only shared when an emergency protocol is triggered. 

    Enhance Employee Wellbeing

    Invest in your people. Employees who know they are protected perform better.

    Protect Your Business

    Increase your compliance with safety laws, rules, and regulations. 

    WorkerSafety Pro Devices
     workersafety Pro

    A Complete Safety Ecosystem

    The Workforce Safety solution provides a complete ecosystem including mobile apps, devices, optional integrated monitoring 24/7 and a safety dashboard to help protect your lone workers.

    The WorkerSafety Pro mobile app is a proactive and reactive safety solution that protects employees when they’re working alone, or in unsafe environments. The app is available on iPhone, Android devices, and Apple Watch. An optional, discrete panic button can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and worn around the neck or stored in a pocket.   

      Belle x | Bivy stick

      Discrete and Reliable

      The Liberty mobile device can be used to protect lone workers who would prefer this instead of using an app. These devices are ideal alternatives for employees who want to signal for help quickly and discreetly without the need for a mobile phone. It can also be used with the Bivy Satellite stick for those working outside wifi range.   

        Bivy Stick and Belle X for Workforce Safety
        WorkforceSafety Pro Dashboard
        safety dashboard

        Monitor Your Workforce

        Workforce Safety solutions are managed with a comprehensive safety dashboard that allows VA supervisors to monitor the safety of their workers including home-based care and social workers, and respond effectively when an emergency occurs. Safety personnel can send mass alerts, request check-ins, and manage safety protocols from a single platform improving safety and peace-of-mind.



          Unlimited Monitoring
          No Monthly Fee

          The Liberty service enables your patients to live on their own terms and get help 24/7 at home and away, anywhere in the US where there is cellular coverage.

          What we Do

          The Workforce Safety Solution

          • Is designed for lone workers and teams, both small and large.
          • Supports a more productive, more efficient and workplace.
          • Improves the safety and well-being of all lone workers.
          • Enhances & facilitates managing existing safety protocols.

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