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24/7 monitoring at home & away

The Liberty service is there
when you need it

With the Liberty service, users can speak with expert monitoring center specialists anytime, at home and away

GSA Contract Approved

The Liberty Service, by Honor Alert

All Liberty Services include the features below.

  • Honor Alert offers early intervention, freedom and peace of mind at the press of a button with the Liberty service.
  • Two-way voice enables users to speak with trained and compassionate monitoring center specialists
  • Specialists can locate users with WiFi and cellular location services and send emergency personnel or loved ones, depending on what is needed.
  • No landline or base station is needed with the Liberty service, and it uses cellular coverage across the US

The Liberty Service you love now has more options to protect our veterans:


  • Get help at the push of a button.
  • Works anywhere with cell coverage.
  • Lightweight and water-resistant.

Liberty with Fall Detection

  • For patients who might not be able to press the button after a fall.

Liberty Wrist

  • For patients who are unable to wear the pendant around their neck or on a belt clip.

We are proud to support our United States veterans who bravely served our country.

    Liberty Wrist Option mPERS


    Unlimited Monitoring
    No Monthly Fee

    The Liberty service enables your patients to live on their own terms and get help 24/7 at home and away, anywhere in the US where there is cellular coverage.

    What we Do

    Honor Alert is proud to offer independence and early intervention to veterans.

    Liberty is a medical alert service available exclusively for veterans at no cost to them.

    The Liberty service uses a UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central station.


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